Interview with Lierre Keith



4 thoughts on “Interview with Lierre Keith

  1. Wow, a bit of a miss by the mod — plenty of our grandparents were socialists, were far more radical than their progeny. We have this notion of linear progress, but it’s false. Lierre handles it well. She talks about not knowing how to reach those who don’t feel the urgency … and she is fine leaving that work to those who are skilled at it. It takes all kinds, all methods and activisms. She is reaching out to those who are despairing … offering a way through, via “You have the right to your despair.” And now can we work to move beyond this …. Reality is radical, and radicals work in the materialism of that reality. But this gives us the opportunity to change things. This is good news.

    • The talk of moving these ideas from “high-browed philosophical stuff… down to the every person” was WAY off. Resistance starts with the little people – I can’t think of any historical examples that haven’t! Lierre responded brilliantly, though, and the interview was well worth the listening. Thanks for sharing.

      • Excellent point! And why we, especially in the US, are so groomed to look toward leaders, to wait for flawless leaders to follow. Strong allies, deeply respectful of diversity, have a greater array of histories of resistance, tactics and perspectives to draw from. And can move forward without those ‘perfect’ leaders. Women accepting of one another as whole beings, not parted-out perfections and flaws, could make a movement so wondrously strong — which is what Idle No More threatens to become right now.

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