Hello feminists!

Welcome to my blog.  I’ve learned about all I can, easily, from Facebook.  The security there concerns me, and it’s time to step up to the world of blogs, anyway.  Half of my Facebook posts were Notes.  I look forward to real feminist discussion!

‘Forest’ refers to my view that the devastation of the Earth is primary, selfishly because we require the planet for our existence, and simply because we don’t have the right to view all other life as subordinate to our kinds’ continuation.  Please understand this:  The survival of the Earth is primary — because without our beloved, life-supporting planet, there is no ‘us’ or ‘ours.’  This is a basic premise at Forest Green Feminism.

Comments that are not related to the post at hand will not be published.  I work hard to make my thoughts and views concise and carefully-constructed.  If you can’t address what I said (or what the commenter above you said), it’s disrespectful.

I should probably add that here feminism is by, about and for women, which means those born female — and not those who have chosen to appropriate all that is us.  Pro-feminist responses will probably be posted if they don’t involve men/non-women telling women how to be feminists (our oppression so the consequences accrue to us).  Trolls will be dealt with appropriately, and I get to define appropriate, with my sisters’ input.


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